This Is How Qnet Reacts To The Arrest Of Vihaan Director

Hong Kong-based direct selling company Qnet has made a responded to the arrest of the Director of Vihaan. The report claims that this is something which is against the supreme court order. The claims that they make is that the supreme court has allowed the Vihaan direct selling in a court proceeding that took place on 25th January 2019 You should note that this statement did not allow there to be any coercive action to be taken against the company until further action.

Though this is the case, on January 26th, 2019, the Cyberabad police arrested the persons in this regards.Those who were arrested were the director of the Dilip Raj Pukkela and two other independent representatives. You should note that one of the reason they were arrested in the running of a Ponzi-scheme through the multi-level marketing. When the arrest was made, Dilip stated that he did not have financial deals with Qnet.He also said that he does not have any say when it comes to working with the company. All these were recorded in a video.

The information that has been released by Qnet is that the arrest of Dilip was nothing more than police harassments. According to the information that they released, the police has acted against the Supreme Court. The statement which was released stated that the action which was taken by the police did not have any civil or criminal law conformance. The thing to note is that Qnet states that the information which was given by the Vihaan director was against his wish. They say that the statement was made after there were threats from the police. What you should note is that he was threatened into given this statement.

The Qnet company has looked into asking for the statements that were made by the police in this regard. The thing is that they want to figure out why the statements given by the supreme court was ignored. According to the report by Qnet is that no matter what the police are saying, the business that they are running is legit. The company claims that they pay the distributes commission based on the commodities that they have sold.The company claims there is no truth to the statement that they are a company that circulates money.

Qnet claims that Vihaan is working under the direct selling guidelines issue by the Central Government’s Ministry of Consumer Affairs as well as the State of Telangana. The thing is that the Qnet company works with a combination of model or direct selling and e-commerce. They also claim that the state has guidelines which offer ideal adjudication and dispute resolution mechanism. Though this is the case, the police have ignored the protocol and have arrested based o false information.

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